Choose the option that is right for you.

Level 1 -- Tax Preparedness

** We will help you gather all the necessary documents to make tax reporting smoother and receive your tax refund faster! **

Benefits include:

        • 2 reminder phone calls to assist in preparing even a complex situation so you have the most complete tax return possible.
        • You will be added to our Monthly Digital Magazine list.
        • Annual Fee of $199.00

Level 2 -- Tax Planning

** We will introduce you to strategies and concepts, such as the Rule of 72 that illustrates the time that it takes for your money to double, and a complete understanding of utilizing compound interest. **

Benefits include:

  • Same as Level ONE, PLUS  reminders throughout the year of changes that may affect/ apply to your personal/ business situation.
        • Added to our Bi-Monthly Digital Local Area Events list.
        • Invitations to our Monthly Seminars AND a BOGO ticket for a friend or guest.
        • Annual Fee of $349.00

Level 3 -- Tax Advisory

** This option includes a face-to-face and holistic financial overview that covers various factors of your tax situation. We will demonstrate advanced techniques that are appropriate for your financial goals. **

Benefits include:

                        • Same as LEVEL ONE & TWO, PLUS the opportunity to have 2, 45-minute strategy sessions with our Tax Advisory Team to optimize your plan of action.
        • Added to our Quarterly Print Magazine list.
        • FREE Access to Monthly Seminars and other Invitation-ONLY Events.
        • Annual Fee of $599.00

Program Options

  • Tax Preparedness

  • Tax Planning

  • Tax Advisory